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Top of #米6体育直播nbaFOMO in 2020: The Most Popular 米6体育直播nba Guides, Tools & Resources Each Week of 2020

Almost a year has passed since I retook my 米6体育直播nba newsletter on January 12, and I renamed it to #米6体育直播nbaFOMO.

After 51 editions #米6体育直播nbaFOMO has grown from +1,700 subscribers to +8,000 ones, with an average open rate of 38,9% and click rate of 13.1%. Re-starting #米6体育直播nbaFOMO has been without question one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

It has allowed me to not only spread the “love” for the most useful 米6体育直播nba news, resources, guides, tools, with the goal to keep 米6体育直播nbas updated every week, but to also continuously test and evolve it to become more useful and worthy to read: Featuring remote digital marketing and 米6体育直播nba jobs, awesome 米6体育直播nba specialists to follow, giving away of 21KUS$ worth of 米6体育直播nba tools with the #米6体育直播nbaFOMO 5K Challenge , and a referral program rewarding the most loyal subscribers.

I’ll be telling more about my journey and learnings so far with #米6体育直播nbaFOMO in a few weeks, however, today I want to share those most popular articles, resources, tools, etc. that have been the most clicked ones in each of the 51 #米6体育直播nbaFOMO editions!

It’s fascinating to see the types of resources tend to attract the most attention (and clicks) of users, and I want to also share extra love to those that have been the top ones each week this year, that deserve even more attention in case they’ve been overlooked.  Let’s go through it!

The Most Clicked #米6体育直播nbaFOMO Featured Resources of 2020

I’ve gone through each edition of #米6体育直播nbaFOMO this year and identified the most clicked link from each. The top 10 most clicked of these “top of the week” resources are:

  1. Trendstastic Chrome Extension from Rodrigo Stockebrand with 1656 clicks
  2. SFAIK – Screaming Frog Analyzer Data Studio Dashboard from IKAUE with 1585 clicks
  3. International Search Results Overlay Google Data Studio Dashboard [To Copy] from yours truly with 721 clicks
  4. 41 米6体育直播nba Quick Wins from Resignal with 621 clicks
  5. Participate in the #米6体育直播nbaFOMO5K Challenge Giveaway from yours truly with 598 clicks
  6. Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs from Google with 557 clicks
  7. The Importance of Topic Clusters from Maret Reutelingsperger with 481 clicks
  8. 10 Important 2021 米6体育直播nba Trends You Need to Know from SEJ / Danny Goodwin with 459 clicks
  9. Search Console Explorer Studio (Google Data Studio) from Hannah Rampton with 439 clicks
  10. How to Get Google to Index Your Website from ContentKing with 427 clicks

Congratulations to all and thank you for these amazing resources that got so many (well deserved) clicks.

I also have to say, that although I knew we all love free tools, but it was surprising to see that the top 3 most clicked links from the “top resources” of the year (and 4 of the top 10) were of free 米6体育直播nba extensions and Google Data Studio Dashboards.

I also noted that besides the Google updates/releases we all want to read about each time, many of the year most clicked resources had been authored by the same (awesome and prolific) 米6体育直播nbas:

  • Google (x10)
  • ContentKing (x3)
  • Sistrix (x3)
  • Andrea Volpini (x2)
  • Gianluca Fiorelli (x2)
  • Glenn Gabe (x2)
  • Kristina Azarenko (x2)
  • Lily Ray (x2)
  • Screaming Frog (x2)
  • Siege Media (x2)
  • Resignal (x2)
  • Your truly (x3: one of them was the #米6体育直播nbaFOMO5K announcement, so it’s really only 2 and then it’s also my newsletter so it’s reasonable that I get clicks… so not as cool as the others)

When I saw that so many of the most clicked resources each week were of Google announcements -which it’s reasonable as they tend to be the most “newsworthy” ones that people would tend to check the most each week-, for those editions for which they were the top clicked one, I also picked the 2nd most clicked “non-Google announcement” resource to analyze and feature for each week.

After doing this, when I segmented each week most clicked resources per type, I identified that 30 of them are guides, 10 are Google announcements, 8 are tools/templates and 6 are search updates/changes analysis (we also love to see what others have identified from Google updates).


Type No.
Guide 30
Google Announcement 10
Tool/Template 8
Search Update/Change Analysis 6
Curation/Trends 4
Contest/Giveaway 1
Study/Survey 1
Test 1


So even if the top 3 most clicked from the year are tools/templates, guides are the ones that appear the most as the most clicked ones from each week.

Without further ado, here you have the most clicked resource in #米6体育直播nbaFOMO per week in 2020:

Date Type Title Author Clicks
12/01/2020 Curation/Trends 2019 米6体育直播nba Posts You Can’t Miss Kristina Azarenko 64
19/01/2020 Search Update/Change Analysis Google Core Update January 2020 – First Data and Analysis Sistrix 108
26/01/2020 Search Update/Change Analysis Riding The Core Algorithm Update Rollercoaster, Part 1 Dan Taylor 148
02/02/2020 Test Google’s Featured Snippet-Apocalypse, FAQ Schema, No Snippet & Max Snippets Tags Claire Carlile 100
09/02/2020 Guide Rethinking Technical 米6体育直播nba Audits Andrew Charlton 221
16/02/2020 Tool/Template Detailed 米6体育直播nba Browser Extension Detailed 273
23/02/2020 Guide The Essential Guide to Incredible Title Tags Distilled/BrainLabs 222
01/03/2020 Google Announcement Evolving “nofollow” – new ways to identify the nature of links Google 233
01/03/2020 Guide Google Featured Snippets: A 2020 米6体育直播nba Guide Lily Ray 163
08/03/2020 Tool/Template Mobile-First Index Tool (Mobile vs. Desktop Test) Merkle 193
15/03/2020 Guide Google Search Console Clustering Vincent Terrasi 248
22/03/2020 Google Announcement Google’s Latest documentation updates Google 216
22/03/2020 Guide Covid-19: What is the impact of coronavirus to 米6体育直播nba? Resignal 193
29/03/2020 Study/Survey The State of Link Building Report 2020 Aira 313
05/04/2020 Guide Screaming Frog Video Guides Screaming Frog 183
12/04/2020 Google Announcement Showcasing the value of 米6体育直播nba Google 116
12/04/2020 Guide How to optimize your Ecommerce for Google Images and Visual Search Gianluca Fiorelli 122
19/04/2020 Guide Site Replatforming: 51 Must-Do To-Dos Ian Lurie 296
26/04/2020 Guide The Ultimate 米6体育直播nba Guide to Magento 2 ContentKing 209
03/05/2020 Curation/Trends 41 米6体育直播nba Quick Wins Resignal 621
10/05/2020 Google Announcement Broad Core Update Google Searchliaison Twitter Announcement Google 419
10/05/2020 Search Update/Change Analysis 550 Winners and Losers of Google’s May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Lily Ray 267
17/05/2020 Guide Find and Fix Index Coverage Errors in Google Search Console ContentKing 270
24/05/2020 Contest/Giveaway Participate in the #米6体育直播nbaFOMO5K Challenge Giveaway Aleyda 598
31/05/2020 Google Announcement Evaluating page experience for a better web Google 243
31/05/2020 Guide How To Implement a Keyword Strategy Nick Eubanks 223
07/06/2020 Guide How to do a Content Audit in 15 Minutes [FREE template included] Andrew Chadwick 348
14/06/2020 Tool/Template Search Console Explorer Studio (Google Data Studio) Hannah Rampton 439
21/06/2020 Guide Visualizing The 米6体育直播nba Engagement Trap – How To Use Behavior Flow In Google Analytics To View User Frustration [Case Study] Glenn Gabe 298
28/06/2020 Guide Rendering 米6体育直播nba manifesto – why JavaScript 米6体育直播nba is not enough Bartosz Góralewicz 249
05/07/2020 Tool/Template SFAIK – Screaming Frog Analyzer Data Studio Dashboard IKAUE 1585
12/07/2020 Guide How to Find & Improve Underperforming Content: A Practical Guide Lee Wilson 340
19/07/2020 Tool/Template Trendstastic Chrome Extension Rodrigo Stockebrand 1656
26/07/2020 Tool/Template 8 Blog Post Templates Proven to Drive Results Siege Media / Elsie Weisskoff 273
02/08/2020 Guide How to Build your Own 米6体育直播nba Workbook in Google Sheets for Free #WTSVirtual Aleyda 274
09/08/2020 Guide How to get a Knowledge Panel for your brand, even without Wikipedia George Nguyen 219
16/08/2020 Guide The indexing system, Caffeine, does multiple things [Gary Twitter Thread] Gary Illyes 415
23/08/2020 Tool/Template International Search Results Overlay Google Data Studio Dashboard [To Copy] Aleyda 721
30/08/2020 Guide Core Web Vitals for Google rankings Pierre Far 337
06/09/2020 Guide The Importance of Topic Clusters Maret Reutelingsperger 481
13/09/2020 Guide Fun way to set up redirect mapping for a site migration [Screaming Frog Twitter Thread] Screaming Frog 383
20/09/2020 Guide An 米6体育直播nba Audit Questionnaire Andor Palau 326
27/09/2020 Google Announcement Google’s Web Creators Google 324
27/09/2020 Guide The Ultimate Checklist to Optimize Content for Google Discover Andrea Volpini 321
04/10/2020 Search Update/Change Analysis We Were Right: Google Had Indexing Bugs With Canonicalization & Mobile-Indexing Barry Schwartz 276
11/10/2020 Guide How to Get Google to Index Your Website ContentKing 427
18/10/2020 Google Announcement Google Journalist Studio Google 425
18/10/2020 Guide 39 Google Search Operators Every Content Marketer Should Know Siege Media / Karlie Kramer 254
25/10/2020 Guide 米6体育直播nba for ecommerce – Google Search Console Training (from home) Daniel Waisberg 399
01/11/2020 Guide How to Rank on Google: 25-Step Master 米6体育直播nba Checklist Moz 376
08/11/2020 Guide How I created a Topic Cluster and boosted my website traffic by 1000% Samuel Schmitt 392
15/11/2020 Guide Search Intent and 米6体育直播nba. A practical guide Gianluca Fiorelli 410
22/11/2020 Google Announcement Updated the Remove outdated content tool [Google Search Central Announcement] Google 218
22/11/2020 Tool/Template Keyword Tool Sistrix 217
29/11/2020 Google Announcement New and improved crawl stats for your site [A new version of the Crawl stats report in Search Console] Google 367
29/11/2020 Guide A Domain Migration Checklist And Ultimate Google Data Studio Dashboard Kristina Azarenko 250
06/12/2020 Google Announcement Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs Google 557
06/12/2020 Search Update/Change Analysis Core Update December 2020 – Google’s Christmas present? Sistrix 299
12/12/2020 Curation/Trends 10 Important 2021 米6体育直播nba Trends You Need to Know SEJ / Danny Goodwin 459
20/12/2020 Search Update/Change Analysis Google’s December 2020 Broad Core Algorithm Update: Analysis, Observations, Tremors and Reversals, and More Key Points for Site Owners [Part 1 of 2] Glenn Gabe 339
27/12/2020 Curation/Trends Top 5 米6体育直播nba Trends 2021 that you should know! Andrea Volpini 190

I hope you’ve been able to identify a useful new resource that you haven’t seen before and start following many of these great 米6体育直播nbas that share so much 米6体育直播nba awesomeness.

And in case you haven’t subscribed to #米6体育直播nbaFOMO yet, if you don’t want to miss any more excellent 米6体育直播nba resources like these ones, delivered each week to your email in 2021, register to #米6体育直播nbaFOMO now.

See you in 2021 🙌

PS: If you also want to check out the Web Story version of the Top 10, take a look (I know, I always like to be testing new stuff though):


International 米6体育直播nba Consultant & Founder at Orainti, 米6体育直播nba Speaker and Author of 米6体育直播nba, Las Claves Esenciales.

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