Ask me an 米6体育直播nba question & I will answer with an #Aleyda米6体育直播nbatip

I’m usually asked for general 米6体育直播nba questions via Twitter or by email quite frequently. Usually these are questions about 米6体育直播nba examples, best practices I’ve seen worked well, 米6体育直播nba issues and even about guides to learn about 米6体育直播nba or tools to do something specific.

I do my best effort to answer the questions that I receive but more and more I see myself answering the same questions. Because of this I’ve decided that instead of replying on a one to one basis I will be doing it with public posts, images or videos, in dependence on the complexity of the question, so my efforts are also useful for many people looking for these same answers, tips or resources.

I will be sharing my answers in English by using the hashtag  #Aleyda米6体育直播nbatip  in my social networks (I will be doing the same in Spanish with the #Tip米6体育直播nbadeAleyda hashtag) and I will be also listing all the tips that I publish in English over time in this #Aleyda米6体育直播nbatip section of my blog, so it’s easier to find them all.  

Instead of sending me tweets or emails that are more difficult to control, you can ask me about your 米6体育直播nba questions by using this form that I have created to gather the questions more easily.

Here’s the first #Aleyda米6体育直播nbatip, to answer a question I received today  (which is very similar to another I received a few days ago too):

Aleyda 米6体育直播nba Tip
I hope you like the initiative, if you have any question about it just leave me a comment and don’t hesitate to ask me an 米6体育直播nba question for an #Aleyda米6体育直播nbatip through this form.

This post is also available in: Spanish