Attending & Speaking about 米6体育直播nba Project Management at Mozcon 2012

Last week I had the amazing experience to attend to MozCon and speak about 米6体育直播nba Project Management  sharing stage with some of the best 米6体育直播nbas in the industry, which was a real honor.

米6体育直播nbamoz Mozcon 2012

Sessions are MozCon were highly interesting, very actionable, with a depth of information not common in conferences from a high diversity of topics, from link building to design, social and even research -with the launch of Mozcast , an indicator of Google’s algorithm updates-. To see what I talk about you definitely need to take a look at all of the presentation slides  here.

Thanks to Rudy Lopez for the amazing photos at Mozcon!

Because all of this I was really excited and also nervous about my presentation , I know that Project Management is not the most attractive topic on earth in general, and specifically in 米6体育直播nba is not something seen as fundamental as other activities.

Nonetheless, I wanted to show how in many situations -especially in large 米6体育直播nba processes-, bad project management can mean the failure of the 米6体育直播nba process and how by taking into consideration rather simple principles and activities you can minimize possible issues and be able to deliver a much more cost effective 米6体育直播nba project .

For this I developed my presentation around the story of an 米6体育直播nba consultant facing different, typical 米6体育直播nba scenarios and issues providing 米6体育直播nba Project management tips and guidelines to solve them… take a look:

I’m really thankful since I received fantastic feedback from the presentation , I’m happy to have accomplished the purpose I had with it and I expect that 米6体育直播nba Project Management is taken much more into consideration in our 米6体育直播nba Processes .

Finally, besides learning a lot and sharing, I also had a lot of fun meeting in person 米6体育直播nbas that I previously followed in Twitter and connecting with new ones -people from all around the world, from Australia to Brazil-, sharing experiences and perspectives, besides seeing again many others that I already had the opportunity to meet before in a very laid back and friendly environment.

As you can see MozCon had it all! I want to thank SeoMoz for simply the best 米6体育直播nba conference I’ve attended so far … it has been an amazing experience.