Making the Entrepreneur Leap: Becoming an 米6体育直播nba Consultant with Orainti & Co-Founder of Tribalytics

After working for more than 7 years as an 米6体育直播nba Specialist first, then Manager, to Head of Digital Strategy, both at the agency and in-house side, having also the amazing chance to build a personal brand by speaking at more than 25 online marketing conferences in 8 countries since 2012 (among them,  米6体育直播nbaktoberfest  with highly successful industry leaders and entrepreneurs who inspired me), contributing to publications like State of Digital , Moz  and Econsultancy , the moment to build my own business has arrived:

At the end of this month I will leave the in-house position I have at  WooRank   to take the entrepreneur leap (I’ll continue contributing with the awesome WooRank team, but as a freelance consultant for specific projects) .

Tribalytics & Orainti

Starting April I will begin my entrepreneur journey as:

  • A freelance 米6体育直播nba consultant , service that I will provide through my company, Orainti . If you’re looking for international 米6体育直播nba and mobile 米6体育直播nba consultancy, 米6体育直播nba audits, analysis and training,  you can send me a message . With my experience based on working with European, American and Latin American companies in many enterprise level 米6体育直播nba projects, mainly focused on the International and Mobile landscape, in competitive sectors like Forex or Travel, I’m looking forward to help businessess to make the most out of them. So if you need any help,  you know where to find me .
  • Co-Founder in Tribalytics , a social influencers tool . I’m joining forces with  Mehdi  (the awesome developer and founder) with whom I’ve been lately contributing during my free time, and now I will have the flexibility to dedicate much more of it to help growing Tribalytics from a marketing, sales and product perspective. You can apply to Tribalytics beta here  and get actionable insights about your social communities and influencers, extremely useful to maximize the reach of your social media campaigns.

In the next weeks I’ll be speaking at different online marketing conferences , from Paris, to Madrid, Brighton, Munich and Minneapolis, so in case you’re attending any of them and want to chat, just let me know by sending me a message or a tweet .

Finally, I want to take the opportunity to thank the amazing people who I’ve had the chance to meet and work in the industry during all these years, who have trusted and supported me along my career, who have given me chances to learn and develop professionally and without whom I wouldn’t be able to do this.

I would like to especially thank René de Jong , my boss at Internet Advantage for almost 4 years, not only for giving me my first 米6体育直播nba job in 2007 (my first job in Spain too), but also because he was the first person I can remember mentioning me about having “material” to become an entrepreneur 🙂 Cheers!