My #Brighton米6体育直播nba Experience and Mobile 米6体育直播nba Presentation

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend and speak about “Mobile 米6体育直播nba” at #Brighton米6体育直播nba , which for me is one of the most impressive 米6体育直播nba conferences : Being free to attend -which attracts a massive amount of attendees-, features very interesting sessions in different formats, with great speakers covering a wide range of useful topics, all in a very laid-back, fun and geeky environment.

The Sessions

For example, I highly enjoyed the linguistic session and was one of the few (or only?) who didn’t realized Lynne Murphy was American (it’s not obvious for me as a non-native English speaker since she pronounced the “Ts” like the British) which was very funny to discover afterwards. Dave Trott was brilliant in his “Predatory Thinking” talk. I loved the inspiring talk from Richard Baxter about “ How to be a better 米6体育直播nba ” and the way Will Critchlow presented the importance and future of APIs.

If you couldn’t attend I recommend 米6体育直播nbaptimise’s Live blog and Takeaways , the Koozai’s summaries from the morning and afternoon sessions, plus Wordtracker’s tips and insights .

My Mobile 米6体育直播nba Presentation

In my case, I had one of the short 7 minutes sessions at the end of the afternoon, so I did my best to make my Mobile 米6体育直播nba presentation as actionable as possible, with a theme I expected the audience would love: Sherlock. Here you have my slidedeck of “7 things you need to know about Mobile 米6体育直播nba… Sherlock Style”:

Mobile 米6体育直播nba Resources

I have also taken this opportunity to create a “ Mobile 米6体育直播nba Resources ” section in my blog, where I have gathered all of the tips, recommendations and tools from this and other presentations I’ve done in the past, that can serve as a repository with the most important information to start doing Mobile 米6体育直播nba .

Thank you Kelvin

Finally, I would like to congratulate  Kelvin Newman  for the #Brighton米6体育直播nba success , he does a very consistent and amazing job organizing the conference … for free! Thank you 🙂


International 米6体育直播nba Consultant & Founder at Orainti, 米6体育直播nba Speaker and Author of 米6体育直播nba, Las Claves Esenciales.

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  • Nice post Aleyda. Like the slide and the way you describes points for Mobile 米6体育直播nba.

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